A diverse country that is full of volume with plenty of attractions to make any tourist happy is what’s best describe for Israel. To truly see everything Israel has to offer, unluckily, every visitor isn’t able to spend enough time in the country. We have planned out a country-wide journey through “Land of Milk and Honey” in the mock itinerary.

Arriving in Jerusalem is like entering a time capsule. Pace the Old City streets made of Jerusalem Stone, take a view on the remarkable architecture and bargain with the hundreds of vendors in the Arab Souk. Of course, without dropping by at the religious sites, no visit to Jerusalem would be accomplished. Not even atheists would find it hard not to be stimulated by Jerusalem’s holy history. Believed to be the last standing remnant of the 2nd Temple of Jerusalem, the Western Wall is a popular religious journey point for devout Jews who come to pray at its base. The Church of the Holy Sepulcher is another must-see, especially for Christians. This is a practice believed to be the place of Christ’s crucifixion, burial, and resurrection.

Masada is a ‘must-see’ on any trip to Israel, whack in the middle of the Negev Desert. Best known for the mass suicide of Jewish rebels that took place during the first Jewish-Roman war for this immense fortress. It also happens to be one of the best observation posts over the Dead Sea and the Negev in all of Israel besides the archaeological ruins at every take.

The second half of the day must be spent exploring it up close once you’ve looked out over the Dead Sea. Not only is it the lowest point below sea-level on earth and steeped in history,  but swimming in the Dead Sea is a bit of an illusory experience, the high salt content makes it unimaginable to sink! Not fond of swimming? Worry not. Without so much as a blink, anyone can paddle into the Dead Sea and simply bob on top of the water. Before splashing into the water, take care apply yourself in the therapeutic mud loaded with minerals as it can sting a little to expose vulnerable skin to this super salty sea.

Israel’s largest freshwater lake, the Sea of Galilee, is also encircled by some of the best nature trails in the country. Try out the Peaks of Arbel and don’t forget to tie up the hiking boots. The trail presents some scenic lookouts over the Sea of Galilee and the end of the trail is distinct from the historic Arbel Caves.

In the story of Hanukkah, as, according to Jewish tradition, it was in these caves that Judah Maccabee and his followers got ready to fight at odds with the Greek-Macedonian Seleucid Empire as these caves became the witness and played an important role.


You’ll be surprised at what Tenerife holidays have to offer besides the neon-lit towns, big-name DJs and even bigger nights out. Yes, you’ll be able to experience this and a lot more if clubbing is your choice of holiday, and as you are on your way to nightlife, you’ll surely won’t be disappointed by the island’s southern resorts of Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos. There’s a great deal on this island that you haven’t imagined than meets the eye.

In any one of scores of different beaches that comprises this fabulous island, beach-lovers will get their zest. Some island present striking dark volcanic sands that contrast steeply with the azure seas and lush green depths while other, splash with the sounds of shingle and pebbles. There’s also the traditional golden sand, ideal for sun tanning and relaxation.

What’s in store for the beaches? Some showcase bubbly resorts that are packed to the rafters with shops, bars, and restaurants, while others line quaint whitewashed villages or customary fishing harbors.

The island’s mountainous interior will truly beloved by hikers, explorers, nature enthusiasts, geologists, photographers and just about everyone in-between. A sprawling nature reserve that’s home to the soaring Mt Teide,  residence to the spectacular Teide National Park, this place is well worthy to explore. A dormant volcano and the highest peak in Spain, Mt Teide –  can be viewed by visitors to enjoy the alpine-like scenery and vast forests, or zoom to the top of itself –by cable car, to enjoy splendid sight across the island.

A haven for shopaholics, from bustling Los Cristianos and lovely Costa Adeje to the fabulous Puerto de la Cruz in the north are some plastic-melting opportunities in the major resorts scattered around Tenerife. Bring yourself to the capital city of Santa Cruz on the island’s north-east tip for a day’s shopping and sightseeing,  if you really desire to put in some serious shopping.

Most travelers turn up to Tenerife via one of its two airports, the largest island in the Canary Islands. However, there is a ferry from Tenerife to the Spanish mainland city of Cadiz that takes two days, for travelers with extra time to spare and if you also like to spend time on the boat. In as little as one hour, the neighboring island of Gran Canaria, via ferry, can be reached fast.

Be that as it may, when you get there, don’t miss your chance to explore Tenerife to the full this year, whether it’s a package holiday with the likes of Thomas Cook breaks or a DIY getaway under your own arrangement. You’ll surely be in awe upon arrival on the island.



The Texas Hill Country – just north of San Antonio and west of Austin – is one of the state’s most pleasurable surprises, as its rolling green hills, wineries, orchards and ravishing towns giving a scene that doesn’t altogether mirror the stereotypical image of Texas as a dusty, Southwestern state. Make a stop in the spring to see wildflowers like the Texas bluebonnet – the state flower of Texas – imbue some color into the slopes of the hill.

From either San Antonio or Austin, most travelers will begin their journey and driving around the region looking in on quaint communities like Fredericksburg and Kerrville and stopping to make time to take pleasure for the beautiful countryside at places like Lake Travis which is a great way to experience Hill Country. Traveling makes it easy to stay awhile and book bed and breakfasts or country inns in communities across the Hill Country region by obtaining reservation services like Gastehaus Schmidt.

Let’s begin our exploration on the northwest of San Antonio in the town of Medina, where we’ll stop in at the Love Creek Orchard and we will go around in the apple orchard. It only costs $5 for tours and guests can purchase some apple pie and other Apple-related products to experience a wonderful picnic lunch on the scenic orchard grounds.

A noteworthy scenic stop in Hill Country just outside of Fredericksburg is the Pedernales Cellars Winery. The winery is open daily and invites guests to taste its excellent wine and delight in the property’s 145 acres of rolling vineyards.

In Fredericksburg, travelers can have little lessons about Texas history, as it’s the hometown of two of the state’s greatest individuals: President Lyndon B Johnson and Admiral Nimitz. They present some interesting facts on the admiral at the town’s National Museum of the Pacific War, while LBJ has his own state park with an educational visitor center and some substantial natural scenery.

The Enchanted Rock State Natural Area is located directly north of Fredericksburg, which is a great area for hiking or rock climbing on its stunning pink-granite rock dome. Experienced climbers are the only ones who should attempt to scale the rock face, and for safety, they even should register their climbing routes ahead of time with the state park office.

Travelers will quickly reach the small town of Llano by continuing going north from Enchanted Rock. While there’s nothing much to do in this small town, no one should miss the chance to try some good ol’ Texas barbecue at Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que. Everyone will agree that the BBQ alone is worth the drive!

Located near Austin on the eastern end of the region is the last place we’ll mention on our little tour of Hill Country, the Lake Travis. During weekends, the lake is full-pack for partying Austinites who gravitate to its shores to rent party boats and jet skis. 

Planning a trip to Alaska? Then you must take note that it is the largest state in the United States of America, therefore, the choices of things to do that are possible in this place is limited only by your imagination. It all also depends on how much of an adventure seeker you are.

Try Out Alaska’s Famed Day Cruises

Make sure to schedule and experience a day cruise. Some of the famous destinations are Prince William Sound, Glacier Bay and Kenai Fjords. While on a scenic cruise around Alaska’s breathtaking coastline, visitors commonly check these destinations off of their list of tourist spots to go to. There are many things to try and engage with especially among nature trippers and photographers.


Alaska has a wide array of choices for your whole shopping event, being a very large state there definitely has to be many. A variety of gift shops, museums, retail stores, and farmers markets can be found all over the state. For a one of a kind and genuine present, check out the ‘Silver hand’ or ‘Made in Alaska’ symbol that certify the traditional ingenuity.


There are plenty of recreational activities in Alaska. The traditions and local culture of this state allows many leisure. Totem carving is a must try, as well as crafts, festivals, native dancing and trips to many of the cultural museums. You will later on realize that your schedule of things to do and places to visit is quickly becoming full.

There’s something for everyone in Alaska. Different things to do such as water sports to hiking, shopping to wildlife parks, the view is just simply jaw-dropping. The only concern you should have with this beautiful state and all of its splendor is not having enough time to spend and appreciate everything it has to offer.